the beginNing...

We started humbly with a humble plan.  When our kids came into the world, seemingly all at once, we decided to open a small kitchen in which Sue could make jam while still being home with the kids.  We called it "Above the Dam Jam."  From old traditional jam recipes to new and funky flavors, the jam-making quickly became a full-time business adventure.  While we have maintained our loyalty to local farmers' markets and farm stands through the years, we have also grown into a small wholesale business, supplying jam and nut butter products to specialty retailers throughout Southern Maine.

Keeping in mind that our original goal was to create a family-operated business here at home, our kids are now old enough to label jars and help out at our farmers' market booth.  We want them to grow up understanding that family is first, and that education and working are important.  Plus, it's really cool to live in a PB&J factory!


In case you weren't sure, our original name was a play on words directly associated with our location above the Skelton Dam on the Saco River in Dayton, Maine.  Since we now also sell an equal amount of nut butters along with jam, we have changed our name simply to Above the Dam, LLC.  Our logo includes our three girls paddling up river.